Personnel Department

In the activities of the Personnel Department of the Fergana regional branch of the  State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan, special attention is paid to the following tasks:

  • Preparation of draft documents on the appointment, transfer and termination of employment contracts on behalf of management;
  • Formation and training of personnel for appointment to managerial positions;
  • Scheduling of professional development of specialists;
  • Timely execution of documents received from higher organizations, ministries and agencies;
  • Monitoring compliance with labor discipline;
  • Organization of office work in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, the introduction of electronic document exchange;
  • To perform the assigned tasks, the department performs the following:
  • Prepares documents for the appointment (transfer, transfer) of teachers in the prescribed manner, prepares employment contracts and other documents;
  • Prepares analytical data on their education, age and other indicators to improve the composition of the staff, to create a reserve of personnel;
  • Organizes in-service training of teachers;
  • The branch keeps records of teachers and staff;
  • Makes entries in workbooks, maintains workbooks, prepares information on the work of teachers and staff;
  • Organizes the certification process, prepares the necessary documents, monitors the implementation of the decisions of the certification commission;
  • Prepares and issues the necessary documents for the appointment of employees who have reached retirement age;
  • Considers letters, applications and complaints received within the competence of the department;
  • Submits quarterly reports on the implementation of Decrees, Resolutions and Orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Government Resolutions to the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as other statistical data to the relevant agencies;
  • Makes proposals to the management on improvement of office work, incentives and penalties for teachers;
  • Provides practical and methodological assistance to HR and office staff in the branch.

Kholmurodova Zulfizar Nomonjanovna is currently the Head of the Personnel Department of the Fergana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan


2014-2015 – Teacher of Law, Dangara Industrial Vocational College

2015-2019 – Inspector of the Personnel Department of Dangara Industrial Vocational College

2019-2021 – Inspector of the Personnel Department of the Fergana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan

2021 – Head of the Personnel Department of the Fergana regional branch of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan

Responsibilities of the Head of Human Resources:

  • Documents and orders on employment, transfer and dismissal, incentives and rewards of professors, teaching assistants and administrative staff on the basis of employment contracts registration;
  • Registration of disability certificates;
  • keeping records of the staff of the institute;
  • storage, replenishment of employment records, registration of personnel documents;
  • Creating vacation schedules and monitoring their implementation;
  • preparation of documents on employee benefits;
  • Registration of business trips and preparation of orders for business trips;
  • Formation and constant updating of the database on the staff of the institute;
  • Submit information on vacancies to the district employment and social protection department on a monthly basis
  • Analyze the dissatisfaction of faculty and staff, the work being done to improve the quality of staff and their retention, data for use, as well as other performance indicators;
  • Registration and maintenance of personal files of the staff of the institute in accordance with the established normative documents;
  • preparation and submission of employment certificates to employees;
  • Issuance and registration of identity cards, certificates;
  • Create and monitor a complete database of retirees working at the institute;
  • Preparation and submission to the Medical-Labor Expert Commission (VTEK) of information on a retired employee;
  • Maintain a T-2 form on the personal sheets and documents of professors and other employees of the branch;
  • Ensuring the availability of relevant documents in the process of hiring and terminating employment contracts with employees;
  • preparation and submission of statistical reports.

Reception days: every day from 9:00 to 17:00