Department of Theater Art

Head of the department

Mamatkulov Behzod Mahammadismon oglu



Phone: +998 73 543 5012


The main goal and objective of the department of Theater Art is comparative analysis of the results achieved by researchers, experts in the field of theater art, folklore, language and culture issues in our country and abroad, identifying important directions in their systematic study, as well as the highest level of art and culture, support the development of research on current topics conducted in educational institutions and scientific research institutes.
Faculty members
There are 17 full-time department members. Among them, 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 10 teachers, and 1 National artist of Uzbekistan, 2 Honored artists of Uzbekistan.
There are 8 undergraduate and 2 graduate specialties. They are Puppet production technology, Acting art: puppet theater acting, Dramatic theater and film acting, Musical theater acting, Directing: puppet theater directing, Dramatic theater directing, Directing: musical theater directing, Film and television directing.
Research centers and laboratories
On the basis of the presidential decree “On the approval of the concept of development of science until 2030” the “Research center of puppet theater arts”, “Scientific and creative laboratory for puppet production” were organized.
Joint departments
Joint department was organized in cooperation with specialized schools of Namangan, Fergana, Kokand, and the work plan was developed.
Prospective plans
Systematically organizing national and international scientific-practical conferences at the department;
Improvement of the educational system of acting art, directing and puppet production technology with the involvement of theater art specialists;
To increase attention to the creation of scientifically based literature for the purpose of theoretical study of theater art and educational issues;
Strengthen the activity of innovative groups with relevant organizations in the field.
Enriching the repertoire of the educational system with the best examples of theater art.
Attracting international investments in the field, inviting foreign students to the educational process, obtaining local and international grants, bringing foreign technical means, inviting foreign pedagogues from similar prestigious foreign higher education institutions to the educational process;
Creating an electronic textbooks that meets the requirements of today’s theater art.