Department of Folk Art

The Department of Folk Art was established on May 1, 2020. The Department of Folk Art consists of associate professors, senior lecturers, teachers, assistants and researchers. Today, the department has 24 professors and teachers. 1 People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1 Honored Youth Coach of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1 Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, 1 Associate Professor and others ,consisting of 3 senior teachers, 6 teachers and 4 trainee teachers. At the department students are studying: “Singing and dancing”, “Folklore ethnography”, “Vocal performance (Traditional singing)”, “Professional education (instrumental performance), (Piano, organ), (stringed instruments, violin, violin)”

To increase the scientific potential of the department of “Folk Art” on the organization and implementation of “Scientific-methodical, research” activities, to expand the quality of work in this area, both quantitatively and qualitatively, teachers, students and systematic work has been organized to support the work of independent researchers in the scientific process, and significant progress has been made. In particular, to date, teachers of the department have created about a hundred scientific articles and 3 textbooks, one e-textbook. At the same time, master classes conducted by famous artists are of great importance in improving the skills of future masters of art studying at the Fergana regional branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan. That is why masters of their profession are involved in our educational institution, master classes are organized with their participation, and well-known artists teach the secrets of art to our students.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kokand in the performance of “Youth Ensemble of New Uzbekistan” consisting of teachers and students of the Fergana regional branch of  State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan a concert program was organized. The concert program included songs based on the ghazals of such great poets as Nizamiddin Mir Alisher Navoi, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, Amir, Mohlaroyim Nodira and Muhammad Aminkhoja Mukimi.

Many students of the department of “Folk Art” took part in regional and national competitions and won diplomas and certificates

Topildiev Saidmurod Odiljon’s son

Head of the Department of “Folk Art” of the Fergana Regional Branch of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture

Labor activity

January 2015 – July 2015 – singer of the “Mumtoz” ensemble under the Directorate of Artistic Teams of Uzbekistan.

In 2015-2016   – Teacher of BMSM №27, Dangara District, Fergana Region.

In 2016-2018   – Teacher of secondary school 146 of Almazor district of Tashkent city.

In 2018-2020  –  Teacher of the Tashkent Specialized School of Culture.

In 2021-2024  –  Teacher of the Department of “Folk Art” at the Fergana Regional Branch of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture.

From 2024 to the present day – Head of the Department of “Folk Art” of the Fergana Regional Branch of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture


Duties of the head of the department:

  • Conscientious performance of official duties;
  • Observance of work discipline, timely and quality execution of orders and instructions of the employer in accordance with the law;
  • Treat the property of the institution with care and use it wisely;
  • Interact with members of the business community and other people in the work process, adhere to the dress code;
  • Participate in the discussion and resolution of issues related to the activities of the department at the institutional level;
  • Approval of the work plan of the department, personal work plans of faculty and staff and other documents within the activities of the department;
  • Distribution of educational workload to pedagogical staff of the department and control over their timely and quality implementation;
  • Ensuring the recruitment of teachers to the department on a competitive basis, providing them with material and moral incentives, as well as proposals to the leadership of the university in the prescribed manner on the application of disciplinary measures;
  • Require the relevant service departments of the university to provide the necessary conditions for the educational and research process;
  • Preparation of reports of the department on the activities of the academic year in the prescribed manner and time, reporting at meetings of the Academic Council;
  • Carry out research in accordance with the approved plan, ensure the integration of completed research with education, science and industry;
  • Consideration of educational, scientific-methodical, research, spiritual-educational and organizational-methodical work of teachers of the department in individual work plans, study, generalization, advanced work of experienced teachers organization of work aimed at popularization of their experience;
  • introduction of modern pedagogical and information-communication technologies, assistance to young teachers in acquiring pedagogical skills and abilities, creation of information base, use of modern teaching aids in teaching, individual to make effective use of teaching and independent learning methods, to make proposals on the organization of teaching in special classrooms equipped with modern computer technology, to carry out work on the development of elements of distance learning ;
  • Participate in expert groups to train scientific and pedagogical staff, to discuss candidate and doctoral dissertations in scientific seminars in accordance with the specialties of the department or other specialties, to determine the compliance of educational documents with the normative requirements;
  • Liaise with manufacturing companies and other farms to recruit graduates, form graduate dissertations, master’s dissertation topics, attract extra-budgetary funds, as well as provide scientific and technical assistance;
  • Establish regular contacts with the university (higher education institution) and interns-researchers at the department, monitor graduates;
  • Carrying out of actions directed on professional development of experts of department, development of system of educational services;
  • Organize clubs on various topics, areas and specialties, professions, taking into account the interests of students, in small businesses, to take measures to engage students in productive and useful work in their free time;
  • Ensuring the completeness and quality of work story work in the disciplines taught at the department, as well as the involvement of sponsors in the provision of work stories of the department with modern equipment, devices and facilities;
  • Constantly monitor the constant replenishment and updating of the information resource center of the university with new educational, scientific-technical and periodical literature on the directions and specialties of the department;
  • Conducting the types of classes in the curricula of higher education, developed in accordance with the state educational standards, at a high theoretical, scientific-methodological and professional level, ensuring the quality of education;
  • Supervise students’ internships, course projects (works), graduation theses, master’s dissertations, as well as independent work and research work;
  • Introduce rating control of students’ knowledge, conduct activities for the organization of extracurricular activities of students;
  • Training of highly qualified and competitive personnel meeting the highest moral and ethical standards at the level of developed democracies;
  • Development and submission for approval of curricula in the disciplines of the department, as well as the preparation of reviews and conclusions on the curricula prepared by related departments;
  • Preparation of textbooks, teaching, methodological and visual aids, summarizing the published textbooks, manuals and teaching aids, including literature co-authored with foreign scholars;
  • Regularly conduct and improve the comparative analysis of DTS, curricula and programs of the department in the areas and specialties with the educational programs of developed countries;
  • Selection and education of talented students, preparation for participation in Olympiads and competitions, including the Talent Fund and the state grant competition, taking measures to improve the forms and methods of independent work of students;
  • Organization of scientific and creative activity of students on a systematic basis, identification of talented students and their involvement in research, training to conduct research individually and collectively, organizational, methodological and other necessary for the implementation of their scientific and creative activities creation of material and technical conditions;
  • Use of other obligations and rights established by the work legislation;
  • The head of the department organizes events with the participation of embassies, foreign organizations and representatives of foreign countries in the manner prescribed by higher organizations by the decision of the Council on Foreign Relations or, as an exception, by higher organizations on the basis of the rector’s order.

The teaching staff of the department

Professors and teachers of the department

Yorqinoy Xatamova

Rafiqjon Ahmedov Talaboyev Azizjon Yunusov G’ofirjon
Jo’rayev Ijodbek Madaminov Siddiqjon Abdurahimov  Ahmadjon Boboyev Vaqqosxon
Topildiyev  Saidmurod Yo‘ldashev Ahmadjon Ismoilova  Muxtasarxon O‘sarov G‘ulomjon
Toshmatov  Davlatjon Azizov  Sarvarjon Dexqonov Farhodjon Shermatova Xurshida
Mamajonova  Dildora Mo‘minov Muhsinjon Najmiddinov G’ayratjon


Mamatov Jalolxon Madolimov Dilmurod Sheraliyev Xusniddin Siddiqov San’at
Xalilov Toshtemir Tursunov Bekzod
Musayeva Diloromxon

Dehqonov O‘tkirShokirov  NodirRafiqov MaqsudjonYo‘ldasheva JanonaxonG‘ofurjonova  MuxlisaxonTurdaliyev  HasanjonJo‘rayeva PirzodaxonAbdurahimov  AbdumannonOrtiqov  NormatjonQobilova  Ziyoda