Department of Stage Speech and Art History

Head of the department

Boltaboyeva Umidakhon Mansurjonovna



Phone: +998 73 543 5012


The main goal and objective of the department is analysis of dance art, stage and screen art, providing students with comprehensive information about the stages of historical development of world dramaturgy, developing specific features in the direction, and analyzing a dramaturgical work while studying the creative activities of accomplished teachers in the field of Uzbek dance art, studying the essence and importance of the staged dance works, studying Uzbek literature and art, dance art, theater art, stage speech, folklore studies, language, literature, implementing the idea of deeply inculcating the heritage of artists, scholars who contributed to the development of the cultural sphere into the hearts of young people, and improving the mechanisms of wide involvement of young people in scientific activities. The main task of the department is the comparative analysis of the results achieved by researchers, specialists in the fields of dance and theater art, stage and screen art, folklore, language and culture issues in our country and abroad, identifying important trends in their systematic study, supporting the development of research on current topics conducted in higher education institutions and scientific research institutes in the fields of art and culture.

Faculty members

There are 9 full-time department members. Among them, 2 professors, National Artist of Uzbekistan, 2 associate professors, 2 senior teachers and 3 teachers.


The department prepare specialits in the field of “Musical Theater Acting”, “Folklore Ethnography”, “Puppet Theater Acting”, “Professional Education (Instrumental Performance)”, “Askiya art”, “Puppet theater directing”, “Dramatic theater directing”, “Dramatic theater and film acting”, “Musical theater directing”, “Film and television directing”, “Stage and screen dramaturgy”, “Choreography team leadership”.

Research centers and laboratories

On the basis of the presidential decree “On the approval of the concept of development of science until 2030” the “Research center of Ferghana dance school” was organized.