Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Sattorov Akmaljon Ibroximovich

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Fergana regional branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan

Work activities:

2001-2012- Teacher of Informatics Kokand College of Fine and Applied Arts.

2012- 2017 – Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Kokand College of Fine and Applied Arts.

2017-2017 – Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Kokand Vocational College of Tourism and Service.

2017 -. Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Fergana regional branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan

Duties of Deputy Director for Academic Affairs:

  • Implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, presidential decrees and orders, resolutions of the Upper house and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training, normative legal acts, instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education
  • Organization of the educational process on the basis of state educational standards and training of qualified personnel, a set of requirements for the content of knowledge and level of training in accordance with state educational standards by all deans, heads of departments and teachers.
  • Organize the implementation of the decisions of the Board of the Institute and the orders of the director on issues related to the educational process
  • To study the development trends of the education system of developed countries, to implement the tasks set out in the Law “On Education”, the National Program of Personnel Training and other normative legal acts on education to organize the development of methods and tools and ensure their implementation
  • Organization of advanced forms of teaching, effective use of new pedagogical and information and communication technologies in the educational process
  • Creation of textbooks and teaching aids in accordance with the requirements of the concept of creating a new generation of textbooks for continuing education, translation, organization of publishing work on the provision of textbooks, teaching aids;
  • Organize the training, retraining and professional development of teachers and specialists, the development and implementation of in-service training plans for teachers;
  • Provide curricula and programs in all areas of study;
  • Leading the Methodological Council, organizing and supervising the work of departments and deans, which provide the educational process;
  • Approve and supervise the work plans of teaching departments, faculties and departments;
  • Organize student training and internships;
  • Improving the quality of lessons, ensuring that professors are accountable for the content of their individual work plans and that they are monitored and enforced;
  • Development of curriculum improvement proposals;
  • Organize educational and methodological conferences, supervise the work of the methodological committee of the institution, generalize best practices;
  • Together with the Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, organize and manage the targeted preparation of students for national and international competitions, analysis of Olympic results, preparation of students for Presidential and state scholarships;
  • Implementation of modern rating systems for assessing students ‘knowledge, organization of objective assessment of students’ knowledge;
  • Expelling students who are unable to study subjects from higher education institutions, rehabilitating those who have been expelled, transferring students from one course to another, arranging and supervising the appointment of scholarships;
  • Schedule, approve and monitor the implementation of training sessions, analyze the workload and annual reports of departments, and develop proposals for improving the educational process;
  • Organize the implementation of modern methods and tools for independent learning of students;
  • Development of proposals for the staff of professors and teaching assistants, the organization of staffing of departments, departments, the organization of targeted training of promising young people for the positions of head of the department and dean of the faculty ;
  • Organize competitive recruitment of pedagogical staff, prepare proposals for the employment of masters;
  • Develop proposals for the efficient use of classrooms;
  • Organize first-year enrollment, review deans’ proposals for expulsion, and academic leave;
  • Organize quality training of issues related to the educational process in a timely manner on the basis of the plan of the Institutional Council;
  • Organize student internships and integrate academic work with manufacturing companies;
  • Ensuring that training reports are submitted to the supervisor in the prescribed form;
  • Supervise the activities of departments for the effective and quality organization of the educational process;
  • Take action against teachers who violate labor and academic discipline and prepare proposals to terminate their contracts;
  • Conducting annual reports of departments and faculties, analysis and conclusions, assessment of teaching methods of teachers in a modern way;
  • Regular educational cooperation with higher education institutions, cooperation with local authorities, ensuring the active participation of professors and teachers in conferences, seminars;
  • Conduct regular internal certification in accordance with the established procedure of the Institute, actively participate in the preparation and conduct of external certification;
  • In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 12, 1999 No 12 “On measures to strengthen the executive discipline” to comply with the rules and regulations, the Charter of the Institute, internal regulations, decisions of the Board, orders of the director and the normative and legal acts of the education system, as well as its official duties.

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