Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Rajabov Azizjon  Khusanovich Deputy Dean of the Faculty of “Theatre and Folk Art” of the Fergana Regional Branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan WORK ACTIVITY 2016-2018 – Kokand Tourism and Service Vocational College, special science teacher 2018-2021 – Specialist of the Department of Education Quality Control, Fergana regional branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan 2021 – Fergana regional branch of State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan Deputy Dean of the Faculty of” Theatre and Folk Art”. Duties of the Deputy Dean of the Faculty:

  • Organization of the educational process at the faculty;
  • Arrange for students to complete their Student Cards;
  • Organize the creation of personal schedules of students and rating test sheets;
  • Organize the preparation and reproduction of student documents;
  • Organize the preparation of a report on the number of students of the faculty in the form of 3-NK;
  • Organize the preparation of educational documents of freshmen (keeping rating books, student tickets and study cards);
  • Regularly review student documents and send reminders to submit subject loans;
  • Prepare reports on the number, mastery and behavior of students;
  • Participate in drafting student transfer orders;
  • Draft an order to send students for internships;
  • Organize and monitor student attendance, timeliness of classes;
  • Organize lesson plans;
  • Ensuring compliance with the rating regulations;
  • Draft an order to allow students to take the WAC exams and defend their dissertations;
  • Arrange for students to write responses to inquiries;
  • Arranging orders for documents required for the dean’s office;
  • Organize the storage of all documents in the dean’s office of the faculty;
  • Preparation of personal documents of graduates and expelled students and organization of their transfer to the archives of the university.

Reception days: Monday to Saturday of the week from 9:00 to 17:00 Phone: +99890 292 52 12 Email: