Department of Civil and Work Protection

Dekhkonov Ilhomjon Tokhirovich

Civil and work protection engineer of the Fergana regional branch of the  State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan


2004-2020 – Lecturer at the Transport College, Dangara district, Fergana region.

2021- Engineer of civil and work protection of the Fergana regional branch of the  State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan

Duties of a Civil and labor Safety Engineer

  • Organize and ensure the implementation of instructions and decisions of the director of the branch and the head of the department;
  • Ensuring safe working conditions during the renovation of branch buildings;
  • To study the working conditions of employees working in hazardous working conditions in the branch, to make proposals to the head of the department on free provision of special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment, washing and disinfectants in accordance with the standards established by public authorities ;
  • Development of necessary measures to prevent accidents;
  • Introduce new employees to the branch with instructions on their specialty, entry in the log № 1;
  • Ensuring the state of labor protection in the branch 4 times a year (quarterly), keeping special journals in the workplace;
  • Familiarize the students of the branch with the instructions when they are involved in the internship, register them in a special journal;
  • Familiarize the students and staff of the branch with the instructions during the cotton harvest season, register in a special journal;
  • To study the living conditions of students living in the dormitories of the branch, to organize the creation of safe conditions for them in accordance with the requirements of labor protection, technical safety, fire safety;
  • Participate in inspections and prevent injuries in the event of accidents at work;
  • Identify the need for special clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment for workers and place orders with the supply department through the department head;
  • Organize public oversight in accordance with the law and other regulations on labor protection in conjunction with the Branch Trade Union Committee.
  • Carry out legal duties of the head of the department;
  • Thorough knowledge of information and communication technologies;
  • Adherence to the internal rules of the branch, the rules of etiquette and the requirements of the dress code.

Reception days: every day from 9:00 to 17:00