Center of Information Technologies

Information Technology Center of the Fergana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan. On August 16, 2017 It was established in accordance with the Resolution No. PQ-3218 and is currently operating. The Center complies with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan; normative documents of ministries and higher organizations; rules and norms of work organization, work safety, electrical safety, fire safety; branch charter; center rules; operates on the orders and instructions of the branch director.

The strategic direction of the center should be the organization of computer and information infrastructure of the branch, the introduction of information technology and distance learning in the educational process

Currently, the center is headed by Kamolov  Alisher Farkhodjonovich

Duties of the Head of the Information Technology Center (ITC):

  • General management of all activities and staff of the department;
  • Supervise the proper operation of existing computer technology programms in the branch;
  • Organization of technical inspection and repair of computers;
  • Supervision of computer operators;
  • Increasing the computer stock of the branch at the expense of modern computers and improving existing computers;
  • Supervise the operation of Internet networks, (E-mail) e-mail services in the branch at the required level, control the timely receipt and distribution of messages and news;
  • Supervise the operation, maintenance and inspection of the branch’s duplicating equipment;
  • Supervise all activities of the branch on distance learning and liaise with local and foreign universities on the organization of distance learning;
  • Enter and analyze total information on the portal in the local branch network;
  • Software and technical support for the active operation of the electronic program of executive discipline;
  • Monitoring the activities of computer classrooms;
  • Organization of server computer management;
  • Organize, analyze and develop future plans for the Information Technology Training and Research Center. Organize the creation of information support system of the educational process on the basis of modern technologies.

The center monitors the information and communication activities that make up the educational and management process of the branch from a technical and methodological point of view, ensuring the consistency and efficiency of this process. The process of automation of the information resource center is being carried out with the participation of the center’s specialists. Educational materials prepared by professors and teachers of the branch will be posted on the educational portal Ziyo NET with the help of the center. The branch site was also developed by the center staff.

The center is currently working on the automation of the branch documentation system and the introduction of distance learning technologies in the educational process.

Reception days: every day from 9:00 to 17:00

Phone: + 99873-543-50-12

Fax: + 99873-543-46-30